About Us


Democrats believe that a good education for all is not just critical to our nation’s economic and social fabric, but is the birthright of every American citizen, so we support fully funding our public schools and oppose funneling resources away from low income and rural schools.

Democrats stand against any effort to betray our senior citizens by privatizing Social Security. Democrats oppose the privatization, or partial privatization of Medicare as it will result in both higher costs and higher premiums for seniors.


Democrats support prevention efforts and treatment for the opioid and drug epidemic which has resulted in skyrocketing deaths in rural communities. We support ending the over-prescription of opioids, and providing law enforcement with tools to crack down on manufacturers and prescribers who put profits ahead of human lives and community stability.

Democrats support the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms, while also supporting common sense legislation to assist law enforcement in keeping our communities safe while ensuring that the rights of law abiding, responsible citizens are not curtailed.

Democrats know that our responsibility to veterans is sacred. We support overhauling the Department of Veteran’s Affairs to ensure that our veterans’ access to health care is timely, efficient and effective. We support and will always support funding for education and job training for our veterans. We oppose those who seek to betray our veterans by privatizing parts or all of the VA, and instead will push, and continue pushing to ensure that the VA is fully funded to provide the care and resources they have earned. 


Democrats believe that access to health care should not mean financial disaster for working families, and we support the move towards a full public option for healthcare.

Democrats support creating well-paying, long-term jobs here in America, and ending tax breaks for companies which ship jobs overseas. We support the negotiation and vigorous enforcement of trade agreements which ensure a level playing field for American companies and workers. 

Democrats support increased funding for infrastructure improvements in rural communities to make them more competitive in attracting jobs. 

Democrats support funding for rural farmers during difficult times, and funding to protect, preserve, and grow family agriculture.

Democrats support making our public colleges and community colleges tuition free in order that those who wish to pursue educational opportunities will not be prevented from doing so.